Thursday, June 11, 2015

Mechelen Apartment

Loading the rental truck with furniture from Ikea.

Lots of things to put together with Sister and Elder Johnson and  Pres. and Sister Van de Put. This apartment is the penthouse apartment on the 5th floor.  We had to fit everything in the elevator to get it up here.  Luckily it all fit. Everything is in a small box, even the couch.

Pres. Van de Put installing a light.

Elder Robison, Pres. Van de Put, Elder Johnson, Sister Johnson and Sister Van de Put enjoying Chinese food after a long day.

We all stayed overnight and in the morning had a breakfast buffet where you could cook your own eggs.  Sister Johnson said this wasn't done enough for her.  Elder Robison said it was just perfect for him.  He was soooo happy.

Elder Robison and Pres. Van de Put putting the bed together.

This is what the matress sits on.  You have to put it together.  You put slats in the little plastic holders which are where the slits are in the wood.  I didn't get a finished picture but it was pretty knuckle busting.

Wardrobe closet with a mirror door  where shelves are.


Washer, dryer

An extra fridge and freezer.  I wish I had a place for one.

Kitchen, the other fridge and freezer is under the combo microwave and oven.  Pretty small.  That is the size we have.
Sister Van de Put 

Hide-a-bed couch we had to put together.  Notice the Picture. Their study is so small that we couldn't fit any extra beds in there so we decided to get them a hide-a-bed in case anyone comes to visit.

I think it turned out pretty good.  

On the way home we saw a great rainbow.

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