Monday, January 18, 2016

Wooden shoe factory

After we went to the First Baptism monument, we went to a wooden shoe factory.  Here is Sister Ardon trying on a giant pair of wooden shoes.  She takes care of the young single adults in Rotterdam.

President and Sister Bunnell sharing a pair.

Elder and Sister Hill.  They are in the Deventer Center.

Elder and Sister Caldwell are in Mechelen, Belguim.

Elder and Sister Robison take care of the Amsterdam Jovos and work in the office..

Here are a bunch with Fresian horses on them.

These have sailboats and windmills.

Some of the Missionaries ordered some shoes with our mission and their names on them.

Elder and Sister Jansen will be in Den Helder.

Elder and Sister Romig are in Groningen.

Elder and Sister Romig

Elder Caldwell

Showing off Sister Voss Shoes

Sister Caldwell

Elder and Sister Robison

Elder and Sister Hill

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