Sunday, January 3, 2016


Here are our presents.

A delft blue Manger

Box of food from the ward

Goodies from Howard and Betty

Food from the ward

More food

Goodies from Sue, Jane and Connie

 Jenny and Julies families gave us new blue pants for Dad and a black sweater for me plus pictures from the kids.

Jasons family gave me a new outfit and Scott socks and a tie plus pictures from the kids.

Jeremys family gave us goodies and socks for me and Cokeville Miracle DVD and a book and vest  for Scott plus a new calendar with new photos of everyone on their birthday month.

Everyone also sent new family and grand kid pictures to update my frames.

Elders DeWitt , Andrew and Robison

Can't wait for dinner.

Elder Evans posing with the great dinner table. Every thing looked so nice.

Sister Jongkees and Elder Cook

Elder Mosteller, Brother Jongkees and Marcia.

Brother Jongkees and Elder Cook who had food poisening this morning and hopes he can eat something for dinner.

Elder Andrew, Elder Evans, and Marcia

Marcia, both Sister Jongkees, and Elder DeWitt.  We had a great dinner with the Jongkees, his mother and their daughter.

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