Sunday, January 3, 2016

Transfer Day Dec 16th

Transfer day get pretty crazy in the office.  We do our training for the trainers of the new missionaries, then the new missionaries and their trainers. Meanwhile the missionaries that are going home come to the office too. Then we all have lunch. 

Departing missionaries Elder Lovin, Childs, Shelton, and Sister Jarmillo.

Elder Abankie, Clement and Sister Fredrickson.

Elder Miera going to his new area with his trainer.

Elder Mancer heading out with Elder Matos
Elder Nye getting a back rub from Elder Child who is getiing a back rub from Elder Clement.

President Bunnell with our old office Elders Heinricks and Clement.

Elder Clement is going home and Elder Heinricks is saying goodbye.

Sister Robison, Sister Jarmillo going back to Aruba, and Elder Robison.

Elder Clement.

Elder Clement and Elder Heinricks 
One last wrestling match. Elder Clement with the take down.

These guys really love each other.

Departing missionaries Elder Abankie, Frederico, Bernier, Clement, Shelton, Lovin, Childs, Nye, Sister Jarmillo and Fredrickson. Great missionaries that will be missed.

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