Sunday, January 3, 2016

6 new Elders

We got 6 new elders and took them for Pannenkoeken at Olde Leidyn for lunch.  Here is Elder Van den Dungen Bille, and Elder Foltz.  

Elders Andrew, Cook, Mancer, Van den Dungen Bille, and Foltz.

Elders Oliphant, Sutherland, and Miera.

We were glad to have Elder Evans back with us after spending some time getting over pneumonia in Belgium.

Elders Andrew, Cook, Mancer, Robison, President Bunnell, Elders Oliphant, and Sutherland.

Elders Andrew, Cook, Mancer, Van den Dungen Bille, Foltz, & Bonner

Presidents lunch

Elder Bonner and Elder Hirsch   (Assistants to the President)

Getting to know Elder Foltz.

President and Sister Bunnell

Street contacting on the way back from the restaurant.

Elders Miera, Foltz, Van den Dungen Bille, Sutherland, Mancer and Oliphant.

Elder Robison watching Elder Hirsch get a referral on the street.

Elder Oliphant, Sister Bunnell, Elders Van den Dungen Bille, Mancer, Foltz President Bunnell, and Elder Miera waiting on the bridge after the famous windmill picture.

The new Elders getting instructions from Elder Cook  for their trip on the train to Ryswijk for legality. 

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