Sunday, November 15, 2015

Transfer Day

Suitcases of  7 returning missionaries

Lunch with the new and returning missionaries

Elder Bishesar and Elder Abankie waiting for their new companions.

Elder Bonner and Elder Strikwerda

Elder Neptune picking up his new companion Elder Bringhurst from the train station.  They are going to open Brussels.  For now they are going by car.

President Bunnell , Elder Neptune and Elder Bonner

Elder Ames and Elder Neptune saying good bye.  Elder Ames goes home tomorrow.

President Bunnell, Elder Ames and Elder Neptune.  They were his assistants when Pres. first came to the Netherlands.

Elder Robison, Elder Neptune and Sister Robison

Elder Neptune and Sister Robison

Elder Neptune and Elder Ames passing the pumpkins to the new APs Elder Hirsch and Elder Bonner

Elder Evans trying to sneek in a drive to Belgium where he is from.

Elder Neptune on his way to Brussells.

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