Sunday, November 15, 2015

Panorama Mesdag Museum

We had a Senior Outing and went to Den Haag to the Panorama Mesdag Museum.  This is the largest painting of the Netherlands.  It is 120 x 14 meters.  It is of the highest dune in Scheveningen in 1881.  Vincent Van Gogh was among the guests when it opened on 1 August 1881 who complained that the canvas had but one fault, that it was faultless.

In front of the painting they have sand and chairs and other things that make it look as if you are right there.

Elder and Sister Kleyn.

Elder Robison

Elder and Sister Caldwell

Elder and Sister Hill

After we had a pot luck dinner at the Mission Home.  Sister and Pres. Van der Put

Elder and Sister Romig

Elder and Sister Caldwell

Elder and Sister Kleyn

Elder and Sister Hill

All of us plus the Gouts from Groningen who are over the Young Single Adults. They were in charge of the camp this summer.

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