Sunday, November 15, 2015

Rotterdam Fridge

The Duerdens wanted to see what we do here in our mission.  We had to deliver a washer to a new apartment in Rotterdam. It was on the 5th floor, no elevator.   When we got there, the owner was suppose to get the old fridge out because we had a new one coming that day.  We decided to get the old one out.  Usually the fridges are small but they had a large one that was full of ice because it was broken.  It weighed a ton. We had a special stair climber dolly and thought with 3 guys it would be OK. >

President Van der Putt took the top and Elder Robison and Steve took the bottom.  They tried to hold it back but the dolly took off down the stairs.  The fridge was so high that Pres. could not hold it back.It didn't fit on the dolly right.  The strap didn't hold it in place.

We only have to go down 5 flights of stairs.

Steve and Elder Robison holding it back.

President Van der Put trying to hold on to it.  We made it but I think we killed off President Van der Put.  His pen was caught in his pocket and was stabbing him in the chest.  He had cuts on his arms from trying to hold on to the fridge.

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