Sunday, November 15, 2015

Moving to the New Office

Here they are getting the last of my shelves. I had to box up all of my office.

We were suppose to move on Oct. 30th but they weren't able to get the phones and internet moved.The move is now set for Nov. 12th. Zone trainings are the week after we are suppose to move in so we decided to get a jump on the movers and move my stuff ourselves.

Elders Cook, Serra, Clement and Robison.  The boxes are very heavy because they are full of Book of Mormons in 72 languages and other pamplets and books.

Elders Serra, Cook, Clement and Andrew.  They loaded the van twice.  I thought the tires were going to pop because we were so heavy.

We treated the elders to lunch for their hard work.

Elders Andrew, Clement, Evans, Cook and Serra.

Elders Clement, Evans and Cook.

Unloading the van.

Luckily we had a cart to transport everything to the third floor.
All the boxes from my office.

After a whole day I have a few boxes left.  I didn't have the cabinets from my office to put the stuff in. Hopefully I can find the things they ordered for Zone Training between the two offices.

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