Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Elder Romig, Pres. Robinson & his brother, Pres. Van de Put, Sister Robinson, Sister in law, Brenda and husband of Sunrise engineering, Sister Van de Put, Sister Romig, Elder Butler, Sister & Elder Johnson.
After lunch we went to a little dorp called Orvelte.  It had alot of old buildings and shops.

Sister Van Dam, Elder Robison, Elder & Sister Kleyn, Elder & Sister Romig X 2, Elder &Sister Johnson.

This horse belongs to the Batty farm.

Sister Butler

Elder Johnson, Elder Kleyn, Elder Robison, and Elder Butler.

Men waiting outside while the women shop.

Elder Johnson with Dumdrop (thumb licorice) on his teeth.

Everyone trying the thumb licorice  (Dumdrop).

Resting our feet waiting for everyone to finish shopping so we can eat dinner.

Sister and Elder Johnson

Elder Robison, Elder & Sister Romig, Sister Van de Put


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