Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Grote Markt Groningen

Went to the centrum in Groningen.  I was here 42 years ago and climbed to the top of this tower, the Martinitoren.

I wanted to find the house where my mother grew up.  This is a picture of the house that my Uncle Harry had.

This is the street but I didn't know the address. I took some picture of houses on the street.  This was on Saturday.  I found the picture on Sunday.  I'll have to go back and look closer.

These are some cool pictures that we saw in some windows. They were about 500 euros so we decided to just take a picture.

We found this bakery around the corner of Hoekstraat.  Maybe we are related?

My maiden name was Meyer.  My dad changed the spelling to English when he emigrated to America.  It used to be Meijer.

Found these in the market.  I love the wooden shoes on the ducks.

Elder Robison and the Romig brothers waiting for the wives to finish shopping.

The Martinitoren.  I climbed this with Penny 42 years ago.

I just read the story of Uncle Roelof  Luttmer and Treintje Veltman when they got married.  They said it was so icy that the horses fell down on their wedding  carriages.

A mexican restraunt where the food was fabulous. Elder & Sister Romig, Elder Robison, and Elder Romig.

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