Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Koningsdag or Kings Day

Koningsdag or Kings day is a national holiday in the Netherlands.  It celebrates the birth of King Williem-Alexander.  It is known for its nationwide vrijmarkt ("free market") at which the dutch sell their used items.  It is also an opportunity for "orange madness".  Everyone here dresses in orange.  This semi truck was parked in front of our apartment.  It was full of orange balloons. The street was closed off for the days festivities.  Everyone was sitting on the street with blankets selling their goods. Lots of books, toys, bikes, a giant garage sale.

The AP's Elder Neptune and Elder Boscoe

Elder Clements shoes
Orange tablecloth for lunch

Close up.  They were orange suade with the dutch flag on them.

Elder Clement and Elder Heinricks and Elder Robison

Even the windmill was dressed up

Lots of people in the centrum for the carnival

Merry go round, bungy cords for jumping.

People dressed in orange everywhere.

Tons of people partying

Back home orange balloons stick in the tree.

The church clock tower even has flags

This blue trailer had a live band playing it was like they were in our living room.

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