Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Groningen relatives

We had a senior couples meeting in Assen so we decided to come up early and look up some reatives.  This is Willy and Kos Streuper.  They live in Peize.  It had been a long time ago that I saw them.  We had a nice visit and they took us out to dinner.  We had chinese, my favorite,. It was very good.

We went to church in Groningen on Sunday.  I was there 42 years ago with my family.  Here we met Willy's daughter Joyce. Also there was Nancy's husband Victor and their son. Here is the church below.
We talked about how we were related and showed us a Buitenkamp Book with geneology with 11 generations in it.  It was good to reconnect with them.  Trus's son Richard was there working on their fence.  I'm facebook friends with him so we can keep in touch that way.

After church we visited my uncle  Harry Winkel. He is Willy's father.  He is 92.  He looks great and he remembered me and my husband Scott. We talked about my dad and all the good times they had together, listening to dutch music & watching soccer.

He lives in an assisted living place which is very nice.  They bring him meals but he has his own apartment.

We went up to Delfzijl which is about 30 minutes from Groningen.  Here we met with my dad's cousin Els Vlottes and her daughter Trus Buitenwerf. They came and stayed with my mom a couple of times and went to California with them to see my uncle Cornelis, my dad's brother. They gave us some apple tart and then fed us dinner.  We had I nice talk with them.  I guess I haven't seen them for 35 years.

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