Monday, December 1, 2014

Morriera Fireside and DinnerHe

Here are the senior couples at a dinner before the fireside which was for new members and investigators.

Mission President Robinson and his wife

Elder Morriera and his wife.  He is an area seventy. He was a mission President in Brazil and worked with Elder Godoy who is in the first quorem of seventy and lives across the street from us.  Small world.

This is President Scheltinga and his wife.  He is President Robinsons counselor. He picked us up from the airport. 

The senior couples also provided the food for this event.  My Thanksgiving turkey fruit plate.

These are the Butlers, and the Johnsons, the APs, Sister and Elder Morriera

Sister and Mission President Robinson, Sister and Elder Morriera, and President Scheltinga

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