Monday, December 1, 2014

Closing Bussum Apartment

We had to remove everything from the apartment, the carpet, the linoleum, the light fixtures, the curtain rods, the washer and dryer, the fridge, the stove, everything that wasn't nailed down and sometimes it was. 
 Lucky for us there was a wheelchair lift to bring down the organ.  Elder Pouwer waving and riding down.

President Van der Put, Elder Robison, Elder Bonney, and Elder Pouwer using their muscles.

We tried to give the organ to a charity shop but they didn't want it. Some years ago some Elders wanted an organ that a church was throwing away. So they picked it up and carried to the train station, put it on the train, and then carried to their apartment. 

This is the apartment that we closed.  We had rented it for over 40 years. Lucky it was on the bottom because they don't have an elevator.

President Van der Put and elder Robison after a hard day of work.  We had to put everything in the dumpster so we had to break everything into little pieces. President Van der Put said, "Here is a screwdriver to take the doors off the wall unit."  Elder Robison said, "If it is going in the dumpster lets do it this way." He started ripping off doors, kicking in shelves, destroying the furniture that was left.  The Elders followed suit and had a ball destroying everything.

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