Sunday, December 14, 2014

District Meeting

We had alot of good training and shared lots of miricles that happened over the week. After we have lunch.  Here are Elders Hunter and Cooper preparing french toast and carmel syrup. 

Sister Clement takes on Elder Argueta in ping pong.

Elders Pouwer and Bonney getting intense.

Here is the other district posing for a picture before transfers. Elder Yocum, Elder Toole, Sister Frandsen, Sister Watts, Elder Johnson, Elder Tjong-Ayong, Elder Besendorfer, Elder Evans and Elder Andrew. 

Our yummy french toast.
Elder Robison, Elder Pouwer, Sister Johansen, Elder Da Silva, Sister Clement, Elder Argueta, Elder Silva, and Elder Reynolds. This reminded me of our breakfasts when Jenny comes to visit. Nikki's yummy syrup and Jenny's french taost.

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