Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Touring London

Leaving Schiphol airport in Amsterdam headed for London to meet up with our daughter Jenny and her husband Brandon.

We're off

Eating fish and chips for lunch

Very tastie 
Dinner with Brandon and Jenny.  


Buckingham Palace

Elder Robison, Jenny and Brandon

Buckingham Palace Fountain

This guy didn't even crack a smile

Found an OTIS guy in London

The OTIS van with a little scrape on the side.

Elder Robison and Brandon in front of Big Ben

Big Ben

A fountain in Hyde Park

View of the Tower Bridge from the Shard.

View of London from the Shard.

All the train lines.  We bought an oyster card for 20 pounds and could travel where we wanted to go for 4 days.

This is London Bridge.  I always thought the Tower Bridge was London Bridge.  They should change its name.

Zuster and Elder Robison on top of the Shard

Brandon and Jenny with Tower Bridge over their shoulder.

This is the Shard looking up

This is the Eye of London.  We rode it at sunset.  Great views of London.

Brandon, Jenny and Elder Robison.

Elder and Zuster Robison.  We are still missionaries until we get released when we get home.

Looking down from the top of the Eye of London.

Big Ben at Night.

Elder Robison by Big Ben.

The Eye of London at night.

Big Ben at night.

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