Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Back to the Netherlands

After spending 8 hours in the Rome airport we only had time to see some of the tulip fields on our way to the Pannenkoeken house for dinner.

Its a little early but in a month all the tulips will be out.

One of our favorite places to eat.

Brandon excited to eat his first pannenkoeken which is like a large crepe with whatever you want on it.

Elder Robison chose cherries, whip cream, ice cream, and powdered sugar.

I chose mushroom, bacon, ham and cheese.

Fish in the pond inside the restaurant.

Lots of delft blue on display

The music reminded me of my Dad. Its what they play on a merry go round.

Keukenhof is a large park where there are thousands of tulips and other flowers on display.


Brandon found some shoes

Hot houses full of flowers.  We were grateful because it was raining outside.

Brandon and me.  We climbed  up the windmill.

Jenny and Brandon were disappointed that it wasn't made of wood.

Brandons first stroopwaffle.

Its a thin waffle hot off the grill with caramel syrup inside.

Zuster Robison, Jenny and Brandon

Blue Orchids

Hope we don't fall in.

Jenny and Brandon kissing.


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