Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Trevi Fountain

Elder and Zuster Robison Trevi Fountain  Rome

Jenny, Brandon and Elder Robison by the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Zuster and Elder Robison

Banana split

Selfie at the Colosseum


They would put in a floor as you can see at the top of this page.

Another Selfie

The Vatican

This balcony is where the Pope speaks from.

Looking out from St, Peters Bascilica.

More beautiful paintings but so many people we felt like we were being herded.  We did the Vatican shuffle, We had to keep moving, no stopping.

A view from the top

This is St. Peters Bascilica where we climbed to the top of the dome.where the fence is.

They had chairs set up because the Pope was going to speak the next day

Elder Robison

From behind the statues on top of the building.

Elder Robison

At the Roman Forum

Roman Forum

Palatine Hill

Lunch at a sidewalk cafe.  Great pizza and lasagne.

Grandma Betty loves these trees.  Zuster Robison and Jenny.

Elder Robison at the Roman Forum.

Piazza Navonz

We took a train to see the Mediterainean Sea.

Elder Robison found his first car. 
Elder Robsion, Jenny and Brandon Chillin at the Piazza Navona after we saw the Pantheon.

Elder Robison 

A selfie at the beach.  The train dropped us off in the middle of nowhere.  We walked to the beach and tried to get some dinner but all the restaurants were closed until 8 pm. So we didn't want to chance missing our train back to Rome so we went home early and ate in Rome.

Our dessert topped off our day.

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