Sunday, March 13, 2016

Transfer Day 9 March 2016

Elders Hirsch and Bonner last day together.

Elders Bonner and Cook last day in the office together.

Elder Bonner is going to Den Helder.

Elder Cook is going to Almere to be a zone leader.

Elder Hirsch selfie.

Elder Andrew going to Eindhoven to be a zone leader.

Zusters Berrett and Jones

Zusters Romney and Merz

Zusters Young and Bybee

Zusters Goodman and Winkel

Zusters Huber and Cathers

Zusters Hanny and Burnham

Zuster Dobler and Majors

Zusters Parker and Begazo

Zusters Harris and Black

Elders Steenblik and Waters

Elders Penman and Bonner

I think all the Zusters in the mission were in the office today either training new missionaries or going home.

Zusters Lemich and Mashburn going home.

Zuster Manning, Elder Bishesar, and Zuster Jensen

Elder Andrews last chance on the computer.

Zusters Harris, Hopkin , Wilkinson, and Duncan.

Zusters Manning, Hansen, Maughan, Elder Henderson, Zusters Mashburn, Lemich, Jensen, Twiggs, Cowles, Elders Cook, Solomon, Hirsch and Smith.

Zuster Manning's parents and sister picked her up form the mission office.

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