Sunday, March 13, 2016

13 New Missionaries

 Zuster Burnham and Zuster Berret got their visas just in time to make it to our mission with their group.  Their flight was 3 hours after them so we got to pick them up at the airport.
Zusters Bybee, Harris, and Wilkinson.

Zusters Wilkinson, Winkel, and Merz.

Elders Waters and Penman.

Elder Hirsch, Zuster Parker, Zuster Majors, and Elder Waters.

Zusters Berrett and Van Eeden

Elders Gross, Andrew, Bonner, Cook and  Solomon.

Zusters Cathers, Black and Burnham.

Zusters Bybee, Majors, Mertz, Parker, Berrett, Winkel, Harris, Burnham, Wilkinson, Black, Cathers, Elders Waters and Penman.

Zuster and President Bunnell with the newbies.

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