Sunday, March 13, 2016

Leiden last potluck

We had a potluck on March 6th to say goodbye to the Jaskowiaks.  They are moving back to France. I thought this would be the last time the whole ward is together so I can take pictures of the ward members.

Elders Andrew and Solomon

Andy Ruiter, Elders Mostoller and Higham, Olivia and Otto der Weduwen
Klazina Bakker, Brother Dekker, Brother Prins, Brother Botter

Brother Prins, Casper Botter, Zuster Jongkees.

Sarah Botter, Tamera Teske, Zuster Kleijweg, Brother Prins and Kids.

Gerda Prins, Bishop Beute, 

Chris and Elisabeth Jaskowiak, Merryn Jongkees
Olivia der Weduwen ,Daniel Kleijweg, Prins girls.

Brother Jongkees giving the Jaskowiaks bulbs to plant at their new home in France.

Zuster Teske, Michael Bekker, Zuster Bekker, Tamera Teske, Sarah Botter

 Zuster Teske, Marijke Kooijman one of our Jovos, Zuster Vetter, Brother Van Dam, Nels Prins..

Daphne Dieduksman one of our Jovos, Yannick Botter, Daniel Ruiter

Elder Mostoller and Elder Solomon

Rosa Ruiter, Elder Cook, 

Bret der Weduwen, Elder Higham

Brother Jaskowiak and Brother Decker

Brother Jongkees, Brother De Lange, Zuster Kruize

Zuster Bakker

Zuster Prins, Zuster Jongkees

Zuster Teske, Brother Teske

Brother Wijns-Van eeden, Daniel Ruiter, Sandy Ruiter

Elders Robison, Andrew, Gross, Cliff der Weduwen



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