Thursday, February 4, 2016

Transfer Day 27 Jan 2016

Alot of missionaries come and go on transfer day.  Here Sister Hansen and Sister Begazo meet after a long time.

Elders Van den Dungen Bille, Bishesar, Hirsch and Drenth. The 2 on the ends came up from Leaven to do some legal work.

Enjoying lunch.

Lots of luggage and missionaries.
Sisters Robbins, Voss, Watts, and Bush sing hymns together for the last time.

Elder Evans is still tormenting Elder Heinricks.  He even locked him in the back storage room.

Elder Robison and Elder and Sister Romig looking at the yearbook.

Elder Bonner trying to get order.

Elder Cook, Sisters Robbins, Bush, Watts, and Voss.  They were in the MTC together.

Elder &Sister Robison,with Elders Evans.  He has been in the office with us our whole mission.

Elder & Sister Robison with Elder Heinricks.  He was the financial Elder in the office for 6 months.

Sister Bush meeting her Mom after 18 months.

Sister Bush's family

Elder Evans is going home to Belgium to surprise his parents.  They think he is going home next week. Sister Bush and Sister Voss.  Her parents are picking her up on the 8th of Feb.

Elder Andrew saying goodbye to Elder Evans.  They worked in the office for 5 months together.

Elder Cook saying goodbye.  They also lived together with Elder Andrew.

We wanted to walk Elder Evans to the train station, but he skipped out before we knew it.  Here he is crossing the street with his blue suitcases.  I guess he is excited to go home and surprise his parents.

Elder Frederico's parents picked him up.  They are from Brazil.

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