Sunday, February 28, 2016

Senior outing

We went on a senior couples outing.  We toured the Rotterdam harbour on a Spido boat. This was one of the ships.  They make the windmills that are out in the sea.

The red boat had the drilling rigs on it. The orange boat had the poles for the windmills.

President Van der Put and President Bunnell

Sisters Caldwell, Jansen and Van der Put.  Can you tell its cold!

Next we toured a windmill. Sister and Pres. Van der Put, Elder Robison, Sister Caldwell, our tour guide,Elder Jansen, Sister Bunnell,  Elder Hill, and President Bunnell.

Sister Hill, Our tour guide, Elder Jansen, Sister Bunnell and Pres.Bunnell, Elder Hill, and Sister Jansen. This windmill used to grind flour.  They have a store on the bottom level that sells all kinds of flour and baking supplies.

Pres. and Sister Bunnell, Elder & Sister Jansen, Sister & Elder Caldwell, Sister and Pres. Van der Put, Sister and Elder Robison, Sister and Elder Hill.

We all climbed to the top of the windmill.  President Bunnell even touched the thatched roof on the very top.
We had a great day.

After, we went to the mission home and had dinner. Hutspot with meatballs and rookworst, homemade bread and honey butter, green salad and dressing, and apple crumble pie with slagroom and fla for dessert.

Very delicious.  We all ate too much.

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  1. It was fun to see photos of your visit to "de Vier Winden" molen of the vanDriel-Kluit family in Rotterdam. My companion and I baptised that family in April 1962, at which time they lived in a different windmill in Schiedam. Leen-Arie was just a little boy then (not yet 8). We follow the news there, as our grandson, Elder Needham is now serving in Holland, and a life-long friend from earliest childhood was also a missionary at exactly the same time as I (1961-64). He (Marvin vanDam) is the temple president there now and keeps us up to date. Keep posting the pictures, as we enjoy seeing them.

    David Coppin
    Logan, Utah