Thursday, February 4, 2016

6 New Missionaries 26 Jan 2016

6 new missionaries arrive in Amsterdam

Elders Steele, Gemmell, Mackay, Packard, Sisters Lindsay and Maughan.

Elder Mackay and Elder Packard eating their first pannenkeoken.

Elder Gemmell and Elder Steele.

I guess Elder Evans was tired of pannenkoeken and ordered a sandwich. He has been doing this for 2 years.

Sister Maughan and Sister Lindsay

Elders Cook, Gemmell, Steele, Mackay, Packard, Hirsch, Sister Van Eeden, and Elder Evans.

Elder Robison, Pres. & Sister Bunnell, Sisters Maughan, Lindsay, Elders Evans, Andrew, Cook, Gemmell, Steele, Mackay, Packard, Hirsch and Sister Van Eeden.

Elder Bonner

Sisters Lindsay & Maughan, Elders Mackay, Packard, Gemmell, and Steele.

The newbies and Sister & Pres. Bunnell

The office staff
Elder Andrew, Elder Evans, Sister Van Eeden and Elder Cook

Making our way back to the office.

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