Friday, March 6, 2015

Delft Museum

This was the car parked outside the factory.

Almost everything in the factory is handpainted.  Each piece is coded with the factory mark which looks like a porcelain jar with an F under it then DELFT under it, item number, artists initials, and a date code. 

These plates were made for the Royal Family.

Outside in the garden.

Elder and Sister Johnson. 

One of Rembrandts paintings made out of Delft tiles.  It took up the whole wall.

More Royalties and a giant tulip vase. 
This is where they hand paint everything.  It was Saturday so no one was working.

Delft cow and Elder Robison

Smaller Rembrandt made of tiles

Elder Robison and Elder Johnson with an old Plymouth.

The outside of the factory.

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