Friday, March 6, 2015

Break In

We had a nice night with the Jovos and came outside and found this. It was our first time to unlock the gate and church for family home evening and we forgot the keys.  We had to wait for the missionaries to unlock everything so we were running late. Gail was fixing dinner so we were trying to hurry.  Elder Robison went in the church and I parked the car and grabbed my bag.  I saw his and thought we were in the church parking lot far from the street so we would be ok. If he needed it he would go get it. 

They broke the window and took his leather bag with his computer and I-pad in it.  He never has his I-pad with him but we had about a 45 minute drive so he wanted to practice his dutch.  He had an app on his computer that was helping him.  Luckily they didn't see our tom tom that was in between the seats in the front.

Ezra had a box in his work truck that we slammed in the sliding door to cover the window. We called the police and they said we had to make an appointment to file a report. So we drove 45 minutes home that night and back 45 minutes the next day back to Amsterdam. They were very helpful and told us to check the internet and the second hand stores to see if we could find it. Nothing yet.  Julie found the serial numbers and if they find them they will contact us.

This is the church parking lot.

It is far from the street but we didn't lock the gate.

The next day we called a glass shop and they put in a temperary window and ordered us a new window which they installed on friday so we only went without a window for 5 days.

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