Friday, March 6, 2015

Amsterdam Jovos

Family home evening with the Amsterdam young single adults or jongvolwassenen or jovos for short. Ezra and Gail, Elder Robison and Benjamin (he served a mission in the West Indies with Ryan Anderson.  He has been back for one month).
We eat dinner and then have a short lesson and then play games. We passed around a pair of scissors and they had to guess if it was right crossed, left crossed or normal. Also a counting game where we went around the circle counting in Dutch and when your number was 7 or a multiple of 7 you said dit. If you messed up you're out.

Sister Adams and her investigator Justin, Christina, Daniel, Elder Harrop and Elder Kleiweg.

Vincent, Gail, Ezra, Sister Karlson, Benjamin, Sister Adams
Ezra, Sister Kleiweg, Justin, Christina, Daniel and Elder Harrop.

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