Sunday, December 6, 2015

Almere to Brussels

The Elder from Almere helped us move everything out of the apartment.  The Elder on the right is one of our Jovos from Amsterdam, Elder Dekker.  He is going on his mission to Manchester, England tomorow.

The empty apartment that we closed.

We opened a new apartment in Grimbergen which is one of the suburbs of Brussels.  We had to hire someone with a lift truck to put the furniture through the second story window.  They put it on the platform and then move it up.

It was great.  We had all the furniture moved in 45 minutes.

They had to go through the tree.

The Study

2 wardrobe closets

Their bedroom with three beds

Living room/ Dining room

Elder Bringhurst putting away pamphlets and Book of Mormons.

Elder Robison and Elder Neptune chillin in the kitchen.

Elder Bringhurst and Elder Neptune

The living room, messy but getting there.  This is a very nice apartment.  They are so glad to move in so they won't have to drive from Gent every day.

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